1. Turf V1.8 Update (H2A Contest)

    Turf V1.8 Update
    Hey Spartans! I know it's been over 3 years since this map was updated (WOW!), but with the upcoming H2A contest I figured why not update one of my favorite maps!

    Here are some changes made so far:
    - Added full Oddball support (up to 3 balls can be spawned)
    - Reset Red and Blue team initial spawns to better match their original spawn points (also updated for Oddball play)
    - Removed some items that were not needed and just eating up the item count
    - Added and resized some kill boundaries
    -Fixed some Z fighting

    I think that is it for now. The map will be submitted to the contest and I will update it a little more if need be, but I think it is set!

    To download the map please see instructions in map description. (The download link on here doesn't work, but it said one was required, so...)

    Please leave any feedback you may have on the map :)

    Forge on!

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