1. Major Update/TLC

    Much like with my other map Aurora, I decided to give this map some much needed tlc. Several track sections have been replaced or slightly adjusted to increase smoother mongoose riding. New areas and effects have been added in, including an extended cave section and jackel snipers positioned in the giant mushroom. While the map is smoother, please keep in mind it's still not going to be perfect; some areas are still going to be slightly rough, but it's much more playable. The race join...
  2. Race gametype

    this track now functions with the race game type. Please download the custom game type Classic Race NTL from my file share. Also note that because the mongooses spawn in alpine' s water area, there is a slight chance your vehicle will blow up a few times before you spawn properly. I've tried several attempts at fixing this but the only proper way would to be to raise the track and therefore eliminate the water effect from the beginning of the level, but for now I want to keep it e way it is.
  3. Sangheili

    sangheili architecture is now incorporated into the map, along with some various stalactites in the cave tunnel area.

    Map will be updated with race checkpoints eventually
  4. New covenant pieces

    image.png image.png With the new update, I've added a few props to the pillars in the beginning of the level, as well as some portable shields and a small covenant outpost.


    1. image.png
  5. Post Memories of Reach

    With the new Memories of Reach update, there are several additions to this map. The grunts and elites are now made from the dead body ones, rotated in upright positions. There are also the new forerunner insects swarming around the cave mushrooms, as well as covenant energy venting up through the ground in some background areas. To wrap things up, there is now lightning striking in the background to compliment the thunder sounds from before.
  6. Fixed death problem

    The issue where the mongoose explodes in the water at the end of the circuit has now been fixed.

    I added significantly more ivy in the caves and on the rocks as well. There is even some ivy draped on a couple parts of the track. I've also added a second covenant elite standing on the top of the second cave.
  7. New weather and foliage

    With the new updates to forge, I've added the official rain weather effect to the level, as well as a light gritty fog to create a mist-like rain. The thunder sounds can now be heard through the entire level. I've also added some variety of the newer trees, but kept the pines as the main trees throughout the level. There is also some ivy along the cave entrances and along the cave walls for a bigger plant theme. To wrap things up, I've also added an "elite" standing on the big mushroom...
  8. New alternative version

    An alternative version to the map with a different rain effect and some added sound effects including wind and thunder sounds. The rain on this version looks a little more realistic and is based off the rain from the BTB map Boulevard.