2v2 Slayer

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  1. ExTerrestr1al
    (an attempt at a 2v2 competetive map, featuring a variation on the "key map" concept, and quite possibly, the coolest teleporter in any map)

    Hi all,

    This is probably my farewell to Halo 5 Scripting and Forging. I came up with this idea to revise the "key" template and make a map for it.

    I wish I could do the map and concept justice by spending more time on it and this map page, but sadly, I cannot.

    Not-a-Key concept:
    Like the key, you get a pickup and it gives you access to areas or movement options.

    The differences:
    • It is team-based - if you pick it up, anyone who is alive on your team gets the ability to use more special contraptions around the map, givng them more movement options than the other team.
    • Time-based instead of usage based: contraptions can be used any number of times, but the ability runs out for the team after 45sec (with a 15 sec cooldown leaving a 60 overall timer)
    • Each time a player dies, they alone lose the ability, living teammates keep it for the duration of the 45sec.
    • It is up to the map designer to make sure things are balanced (mine probably isn't perfect, oh well)

    This all uses the most current, up to date and advanced scripting in H5...

    The map itself is the first map I've made that is somewhat competetive, or at least aimed to be, while also using inspiration from some of the better forgers out there to make it look good!

    It is also a serene, peaceful place to run around and see the majesty of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

    I hope you enjoy, and I hope to see my forge and Halo friends again soon, but I may be away for a long time, including the beginning of Infinite's lifespan :( :( :( :( :( :(


  1. Soldat Du Christ

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    God bless you man, i wish i got to play more ganes with you and get to know eachother, if you ever see me on i would love to chit chat some more. This map will be the only reason i boot up my xbox after a month of being away, i cant wait to check it out man :)
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  2. Mags

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    Incredibly well done

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