Triple Trio Arena

3v3 Custom

Map Description

  1. Pippen
    Drop in, squad. Control the field and take the win.

    Hello and Welcome to Triple Trio Arena! A competitive mode where you fight against two other teams to control the field!

    You and two other friends can take the colors of Red, Blue or Green and fight against 6 other friends that you may or may not hate secretly. Be careful though! You only have 1 life each round, so make it count!

    10 rounds total in a game. Every time your team is the last team standing at the end, gives you a point! Everytime the enemy takes control, they gain a point. Most points at the end of 10 rounds prevails!

    Good luck, have fun, and don't get cocky!

    (THIS IS A PC MAP. To play this map. Download the .bin and .mvar files in the google drive and place them within the correct map/gametype folders located at: Users/[USERNAME]/AppData/LocalLow/MCC/LocalFiles/009000007662069/HaloReach )

    BEST PLAYED WITH 9 players, However it can be played with anything between 3-12 players. DO NOT try and play with more than 12, otherwise the extra players will be spawned outside the map.


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