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  1. Comedy Aerosol
    Welcome to Trick or Treat Street!
    Created in the spirit of Halloween, this map combines the minds of 4 crazy people to bring you the ultimate trick or treat puzzle experience!

    As the sugar craving Spartans you are, you set off to get as much candy as you can. The only problem is, no one is home! (spooky)

    You must go to all the houses and figure out how to get each piece of candy. It is only once you have received all of the candy that you will be truly satisfied.​

    The Houses

    A Squid Loaf's House
    Good luck with this one, Squid is nuts
    There are 3 lost souls scattered around the property. Help them cross over by bringing peace to their souls.

    *Only use these spoilers if you are completely stuck an have no other options*
    Shoot the soda can out of the grunts hand to create a beam of light. Follow the path of that light to reveal a wooden box. Break it then interact with the lantern to complete the beam. The ghost will go to it's grave.
    Walk up to the doll on the porch. A light will start to follow you. Bring the light up the stairs to the doll laying on the floor. The doll with then go to it's grave.
    Go to the garden. On the other side of the property near the fence, there is a patch of grass by the tree. look down at it to see a path. It shows the direction that you must walk through the garden, starting from the bone. After completing the path, pick of the bone and give it to the dog. It will go to it's grave.

    Chroma's House
    He wanted his name on the front of his house, we said no
    This is all about combinations, find the right ones to get your sweet treat!

    Only use these spoilers if you are completely stuck an have no other options*
    Walk around the house looking at the window colors starting from the front moving right. Ignore the colors that don't appear on the door.
    There are symbols on pads you must jump on. Parkour up to the roof of the house and there will be a secret entrance. The code in that room is the order you must jump on the symbols in the basement. After doing so, you will be able to jump to the last platform to pick up the hammer. Use it on the front door.
    The colored pillars act like gates. Each pillar has its own value. look on the side wall to see what color has which value. the colored pillars that are not on the wall work as if you mixed two colors together. Yellow is 1 and red is 3. They mix to make orange. Which means it adds up to be 4. Do the same for the other colors that do not appear on the wall. The pillars also act like gates. When you pass through them, they add up to the number that each pillars color represents. If you walked between a yellow and read pillar, it will add up to 4. Look directly at the wall the gate is facing to tell if that's the gate you should be going through. The back walls of the pillars show what the gates must add up to for you to be able to go through them. Keep walking through the right gates until you reach the back room.

    Murloc's House
    We told Dylan not to do the things he does, he wouldn't listen
    Dylan feels as if you need to work for your piece of candy. Make sure you have your volume on, and a stress ball nearby.

    *Only use these spoilers if you are completely stuck an have no other options*
    Each color has a value to it. The values for the colors are spread out on the walls and floors in the disco floor room and in the garage. You must find a path that adds up to 29 that starts on the blue tile, and ends on the green tile. Find the right path to open the basement door.
    Once downstairs grab the ball of light. The reset button resets the ball if it gets lost. Use your headphones to hear smoke billowing. Get close to it then use the light to see it on the ceiling. Once inside the smoke, look straight down to hit a button. The smoke will disappear, then reappear in a different location. Listen for it and do the same thing. You will have to hit a total of 4 buttons to finish. If you take too long, the puzzle will reset. It always starts in the same spot, and follows the same order. A door will open leading to a staircase leading to further down.
    There are pillars set up around the dark basement. Walking between the pillars act like gates. You must find the right order of walking through the gates to finish. Once you walk through a gate, you are able to walk back through without a penalty. The order to walk through the gates can be found in the shed behind his house. I recommend taking a picture of it. There is a miniature staircase in the shed that will give you a sense of direction. Once you finish a door to a back room will open

    Comedy Aerosol's House
    We don't talk about this guy
    This house is full of spooks, but don't let it spook ya too good! Having max brightness is a good idea.

    *Only use these spoilers if you are completely stuck an have no other options*
    Pick up the DMR near the gate and use the decal triangles on the gate to look through. Zoom in on the windows of the house and you will see that there are bodies on some of them. When you shoot them they respawn after a certain period of time. Shoot them all fast to have them all despawned at the same time to open the gate.
    4 out of the 8 tombstones have symbols on the back of them. On the front of those tombstones you are able to hit buttons. Those symbols on the back of the tombstones are the same as the symbols on the house. There is a symbol in the bush, on the right side of the house, on the statue on the roof, and at the tower all the way on the top of the house. Take the symbols on the house and order them from the lowest to the highest. That is the order you need to hit the tombstones with the symbols on them. The doors will open.
    The parkour is quite easy, start from the chair on the left and work your way around the room. You will get to a spot where you can not continue. Jump down, go outside and walk through a chroma on the side of the staircase. Walk up to the contraption, and interact with it. It will turn allowing you to continue with the parkour.
    In the spots where you are crouching and your head is touching the ceiling, use your thrusters to jump the gap.
    After you make it to the walkway, go to the end and pull the lever. It will throw down a rope, letting you get to that spot from the bottom. You now need to go back through that chroma under the staircase and hit the button on the contraption to rotate it back. Now go up the rope and use your thrusters again to jump the gap. At the end there is a hole in the ceiling you can jump into. BE CAREFUL.
    Jump onto the platform, then look up a little bit. Find the skull on the ledge and shoot it. You will then gain access to the roof.

    We all hope that you like this puzzle map and have fun with it. We also want to thank all of the testers to show us what crazy mistakes we made.

    • NightAvenger01
    • FreshMegaWolf
    • Just Barnhill
    • Zorlack15403
    Special thanks to DEATH WEAPONxx for making the sweet treats!
    A special NOT thanks to v Atlantis


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    Squids ghost is tight. I liked chroma pillar puzzle. Comedy's house is biggest. Also, Murlocs got some skeletons in his closet. Don't go in there.
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  2. Murloc

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    How'd you know?!
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  3. CertifiedChamp

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    glad to see some puzzle maps again, brings back nostalgia from 2015 when me and a buddy would just play puzzle maps for hours on Saturday nights
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    i was trying to download this map but i cant seem to find it any where now when i search. was the map taken down?

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