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  1. Luculent
    Trick Jumping Basics
    An "easy" trick jumping map for Halo 5 spartan abilities

    Trick Jumping Basics is a parkour/trick jumping map designed to test a player's ability to perform "basic" jumps and tricks in Halo 5. Every jump is designed to be easy enough to accomplish for people with the right technique, but also instill and consolidate proper technique in newcomers and older jumpers alike.


    Completing The Map
    A guide to the map and the jumps contained

    While building this map, getting the balance between technique buildup and difficultly was difficult. As a result, the map gets much more difficult as you near checkpoint 3.

    Leave this section now if you want to figure this out for yourself

    Checkpoint 0:
    After getting past basic jump, thrust, clamber, and stabilize combinations, you can now truly start the map. This section contains jump-crouches and thrust combinations.

    Checkpoint 1:
    Now begins the section with more abilities added.

    The first jump is a basic stabilize jump where you will have to sprint, jump, and stabilize in order to clamber to the top of the platform.
    The next is a grenade-assisted ground pound boost. You must hold ground pound over the grenade on the floor just as it is about to blow up to get enough height to clamber this.
    Finally, you must perform either a late-jump into a thrust and stabilize, or a jump into a thrust, stabilize, and ground pound chain.

    Checkpoint 2:
    We can start using the basic thrust mechanics to get ourselves more height now.

    The first jump you will be doing is a basic thrusting kneecap, or thrust jump. To help with getting the height, hold jump immediately after thrusting; stabilize and ground pound as required.
    Next jump is a thrusting-overjump this technique requires you to thrust and hold jump off the edge, furthest from where you want to jump, of an object to get height and distance. This is a similar jump to Fathom's Yard to Top Mid jump.

    Checkpoint 3:
    Now we're getting carried away and timing jumps.

    The first jump of this section is a basic spring jump. This requires you to un-crouch and press jump within a three-frame window. Practice this, you'll need it soon.
    After is a spring-thrusting-stabilize jump, which requires you to spring jump and almost immediately thrust out into a stabilize. This, you should also practice, you'll need a lot of trust in this technique for the next jump.
    The final jump for this section is a grenade-assisted spring-thrust. To do this, you will need to set your spring jump, throw a grenade at your feet, and spring-thrust over the grenade as it explodes in front of you.


    Checkpoint 4:
    Time for some map geometry abuse, this involves various launches and manipulations, along with basic uses of weapons in trick jumping.

    The first jump you will find is a drop-thrust using a gap in the floor. To do this, you must sprint, jump, and, as you are about to hit the floor, thrust and hold jump to get enough height to clamber the next platform.
    The second jump is similar to the first, but off a warthog.

    The third jump is a stabilizing lift manipulation. To do this, stabilize into the lift and thrust as your stabilize is about to run out; then align your ground pound to reach the platform.
    The fourth jump in this section is a standard mason jump (or long jump). You must sprint, jump, thrust, stabilize while mashing crouch, hold ground pound, and thrust out to clamber the next platform.

    The second-to-last jump in this section is a pendulum jump. To get the void's tear, you must either grenade-assisted spring-thrust or thrust-jumping-stabilize to the top of the disc. Then you must use the Void's Tear to swing under the disc and up to the next platform, use thrust as necessary.
    The final jump of this section is a double hammer jump. Simply look down, jump, stabilise, swing the hammer twice, and clamber up.

    Checkpoint 5:
    All you have to do is clip through the wall and launch to the end. A mongoose is provided for the clip. I won't give you guidance for this one, these are quite easy to do.

    TODOs and Change Logs
    Yeah... I still have stuff to do.

    • Make a deathless run and tutorial video
    • Add a "test" section to the map to test players' skills
    • Move teleporter spawn box to a less accessible area
    • Do some aesthetics
    • Add more jumps

    Change Log:

    Version 1.2
    • Changed jumping platform colour to grey (50%) to reduce depth perception issues and make the ground pound indicator more visible
    Version 1.1
    • Added barriers to stop people falling off the edge of the thin platforms
    • Added projectile blockers to prevent cheating
    • Added barrirers to prevent cheating
    Version 1.0
    • Initial map finished. Ready for play test and open game.
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  1. ZombieDyer

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    I wish you had done some really sick modern constructivism theme. Like an abstract portal look with some neat info-graphics on the walls to hint how each jump should be made. Over all, nice challenge map.
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  2. Luculent

    Luculent Spartan I

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    Yeah I wasn’t the best with aesthetics and mostly focused on functionality. I will probably come back to this map later and refurbish it and sort a few things around to make it look and play better.

    The infographics on the wall would be a great addition though and I am definitely considering putting them in when I get the time to make them up.
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  3. Blaze

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    Most of this is more in line with tactical jumps rather than trick jumps but I guess that's more of the nature of H5 in general. Cool to see a map dedicated to H5 jumping though regardless.

    I'd recommend adding some trim to the platforms help with depth. Though if you do this, be careful of breaking clambers when objects are overlapping.

    Another thing that would be cool (but maybe too much work to be worth while) would be to add a run through and links to tutorials on the jumps that require a bit of precise or have multiple ways to achieve, like spring jumping.
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  4. Luculent

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    Yeah I found that trick jumping is kinda hard for Halo 5 because the physics don't lend themselves too well to it. I'd say stuff like the drop thrusts, turret launch, and lift manipulation are closer to trick jumping but as you said, a lot of it is much closer to practical jumping.

    I intend to work a bit on the general aesthetic and add a few more things to the map that can get it to a better point. I have thought about adding some stuff to the platforms to make it feel less flat, but yes, I have to also remember that H5's engine doesn't like overlapping objects.

    I do intend to make a run through of the map and chuck it up on the map details here (maybe provide the video ID in the map somewhere o_O). But I'll do that when I know I have added everything I know of.

    I'll probably end up making a progressions map with stupid stuff like Railgun Jumps and stuff like that that is much more difficult. But again, after I'm completely done with this map.

    Of course, building up an understanding of how the base mechanics can be abused, such as stabilise jumping maintaining and raising height if there is some speed, is pretty integral to being able to jump effectively in this game, but I wouldn't say it's an absolute requirement

    Thanks for the feedback :)
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