Tre Ponti

8v8 Strongholds

Map Description

  1. Garrett757
    Usually when I make a map I use screen shots from gameplay, however halfway through the game I decided I was just going to let the map speak for its self. The map is inspired by the city Theed on Naboo from Star Wars. I was originally going to make an exact copy, but about 3/4 the way through it I was not going to make the budget limit so I improvised and made a nice symmetrical map ideal for strongholds and team slayer.

    The map features a central rotunda accessible via three bridges(hence the name). A central courtyard, identical buildings with stairs leading to the front of the map.

    The map plays very well and somewhat reminds me of Halo 2 in my opinion.

    There are 2 wraiths, one for each team in spawns, and 2 neutral ghosts. Surprisingly the vehicles play very well here and don't wreck infantry.
    The map plays very well 4v4 team slayer. For team slayer turn off heavy vehicles for best gameplay.

    For Strongholds turn scoring threshold to 3 Bases

    Weapons: Energy Sword
    Battlerifle Halo 2 x 4
    Hydras x 2
    Scattershot x 2
    Needler x 2
    Carbine x 2
    SMG x 2
    Plasma pistol x 2
    Suppressor x 2
    Storm Rifle x 2
    Splinter Grenade x 2
    Plasma Grenade x 4
    Light Rifle x 1
    Rocket Launcher x 1
    A ton more screen shots available:


  1. xdemption

    xdemption ATN
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    heeeeey star wars battlefront! This was recreated from the layout on starwars battlefront one right?
  2. Garrett757

    Garrett757 Spartan I

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    Yeah pretty much haha. I was planning on doing an exact 1 to 1 scale but about half way through the map I figured I wasnt going to be able to make the budget limit. I actually restarted half the map about 4 times
  3. Anarchy Kane

    Anarchy Kane Spartan I

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    Really cool. I loved swbf. You should add some cover pieces on the bridges though.
  4. CaptainDireWolf

    CaptainDireWolf Forger of the Wild
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    Love anything star wars haha. Theed looks good!
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