4v4 Capture the Flag

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  1. Unsorted Gaming
    by unsorted guy

    Created for the ForgeHub Husky Raid Forge Contest.

    A Forunner structure, with an awesome view.

    Gameplay / Walking Around In The Map


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    Congrats on winning 1st place in the recent Husky Raid Contest! All of the judges have their own notes / opinions on each map; however, I wanted to personally share my own with you in case it would be helpful or constructive. If there are any negatives please remind yourself that we needed to heavily scrutinize in order to process our eliminations to a 1st place winner. Congrats on making it to the top!

    Overall Impressions:
    - Excellent skybox / surrounding environment art!
    - Beautiful views into bottom mid, most important view during gameplay
    - well balanced natural and artificial lighting with the separation of space from interior bases and exterior bottom mid
    - Extremely solid overall theme and atmosphere

    - Strong overall forerunner theme however some aspects could be achieved better such as the main doorway entrance to each base. I find these a bit primitive / boxy and not artistically themed as forerunner. The 45 degree flying butresses to the left and right of the doorways also suffer from thematic conflicts where round pipes are merged with angular geometry.
    - Energy bridge bottom mid could be visually enhanced to resemble some of the impressive detail work we've seen in other Forerunner bridge designs like 'Narrows' in the classic playlist or others that exist.

    Technical Issues:
    - Main ramps at each base need blocking volumes to make the floor more smooth.
    - Replace soft-kill for hard-kill boundaries in most areas. Players can exploit the energy fence as a method for providing cover while shooting beneath it (located red side, bottom mid near the rock wall).
    - Z-fighting occurring at balcony door in both red and blue bases
    - Minor visual LOD changes of block above doorway bottom mid (Red & Blue)
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    I have to agree with Warholic here... great esthetics on the outside of the map! I can agree with your YouTube video, i'm not the best with layouts, but i can appreciate the artwork that you put into this map! Congratulations on your submission, i look forward to playing this in customs!
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