4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Danger Tanner
    * This map can be downloaded from my Halo MCC file share. My Xbox gamertag is: Danger Tanner

    Hey, everyone! I’m a long time Forger, long time lurker. This is my submission for the Forge the Fight Halo 3 Forge contest.

    Traumatica is a symmetrical 4v4 map for competitive Team Slayer and Multi Flag.

    Since this Forge contest is a throwback to Halo 3, it only seemed fitting to build on the original Forge canvas... Foundry.

    (Although, it was much better this time around with Phasing included as a default physics setting!)

    As a kid, in the original Halo 3 days, I remember thinking how cool the MLG players, maps, settings, and tournaments were. I would always follow the top players and tournaments. And so, my map, Traumatica, is made in the spirit of Onslaught and Amplified, but with my own style and character. Traumatica offers some nostalgia, but brings enough twists to the experience that it feels new and fun!

    The map features many interesting sight lines, pathways, and jump ups. There are Rockets to fight over on “top middle” as well as an Overshield to find inside “bottom A.”

    Please enjoy the map and feel free to share any feedback or stories you have with me!


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