1. Banzai
    Version: 0.1
    Great looking map along with great map flow FFA oddball is definitely my favorite on this map
  2. brusky0086
    Version: 0.1
    Excellent immersive design along with well thought out weapons and spawns make this map unbelievably fun and competitive.Slightly agree with Crush on train issue but doesn’t bother me as much.
  3. I Crush All
    I Crush All
    Version: 0.1
    As you play the map you are immersed (almost completely) by the aesthetics & layout of the map.

    The weapons on the map work well, are placed appropriately, & don't spawn too fast or too slow for gameplay.

    Only feedback for the map is the Train, there is a light signal when its coming which works great & gives the player some warning; however if a player doesn't notice the light they'll either get killed or won't even notice the train on the map. Now there is a sound attached to the train but the problem at the moment is the sound isn't loud enough for the player to know, "oh hey the train is coming/has passed" sometimes the player will not even notice it the entire match because of this.

    Without a loud enough sound for the train it can also just be annoying to get killed by a train you didn't even hear coming prior, as the general player won't be looking out for just a light change.
    Imagine playing terminal & never hearing the train coming towards you until you were hit by it, that would be awful
    (not saying this map has that to the extent of terminal just using it as an example).

    This was honestly my only issue with the map as I do enjoy most of the layout & aesthetics throughout the map as a whole. Amazing job on the seemingly final product.
  4. Phillyphresh
    Version: 0.1
    Sorry for the late review, but I try to play the Map a few times before weighing in. That said, "Transit" is incredible! Excellent gameplay and awesome aesthetics! The moving traffic in the background, changing billboard, and the shuttle zipping thru every 30 secs or so really make the board feel alive! I've enjoyed your past works but this is above and beyond! Thank you very much for such a great arena to play in!