Trampoline: Lunar Array


Map Description

  1. The Aclopolipse
    Lunar Array is a map to be played with Trampoline, an infection minigame. It is a small, circular arena with gravity-bouncer platforms surrounded by grav lifts, in a style inspired by the Apollo moon missions.

    The objective of the infected players is to use splash damage to knock the bouncing survivors into hazards or onto the ground - which, if playground games taught us anything, might as well be hot lava. The objective of the survivors is to survive until the end of the round.

    The difficulty for survivors increases as the timer runs out. First, platforms and grav lifts explode at timed intervals, narrowing movement and escape options. Second, infected players gain access to weapons with more knockback later in the round. This keeps rounds tense to the last second while keeping them short enough so that no player is left out for too long.

    This is my first ForgeHub map post, so I welcome any and all feedback.


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