4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Nano
    Based off of Titanfall 2 Live Fire map Traffic.

    Since the small cars are so closely look the same I thought it would be easier to scale this map to the Titanfall 2. Its almost the same with some differences. Their are lifts that take you up to the top of the tower in Blue side and the Crane on Red side.

    Current power weapon and power up are Camo and Rail gun. Hopefully this will work out in this map layout. Feed back and play tested would be greatly appreciated to see if the weapons on this map will work.

    Played tested with some people. Swapped out the Camo for SAW and debating to add Over Shield in the mid area between the SAW and Rail Gun.
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    Hey u stole my car!
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    Which one is it?

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