4v4 Slayer

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  1. Cardnal
    This map was originally made as an attempt to understand the physics and forge methods of Halo 2: Anniversary's forge as a whole, as time marched on the map was built upon until it stood on its own as an individual project.

    This map is two floored with four team bases interconnected with each other, two Rocket ammunition are present on the top floor along a rocket launcher both of them spawn at different intervals of 60 seconds and only one can be present on the map at any time.
    The intent of this map is pure madness, this map is made for the intention of Multi-team madness-based gametypes such as Oddball, King of the Hill, and Slayer Variants.

    The full player count should not exceed 8 unless playing Multi-team
    The minimum necessary to fully enjoy the map is 2 - 4

    To download go open your roster click on your profile then click on find player search my Gamertag (Cardnal) and click on Fileshare!
    And you got it!!
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