8v8 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Squally DaBeanz

    By Squally DaBeanz

    "Hidden away beneath the icy surface, these installations may hold ancient secrets."

    NOTE: This map received minimal playtesting.

    Threshold is a large scale symmetrical BTB map. It consists of two large bases, a perpendicular bridge between them, and various swathes of open terrain and smaller infantry sections. The map is loosely a "figure 8" shape, with most routes leading to the Narrows-styled bridge crossing the central death pit between the bases. The goal of this map was to create something more akin to classic BTB maps of yore, with large open terrain and lots of room for vehicles to dominate.

    Each base comes with a Rocket Hog, Sword Ghost, Sword Wraith, Banshee, Sentinel Beam, Hydra, Plasma Pistol, and two Magnums. The Banshees are at the front of each base and easily seen from other areas of the map, forcing teams to constantly be aware of when they respawn.

    To the right of each base is a small bunker structure that smaller vehicles go go over or through. From inside, infantry can acquire the Binary Rifle or take a lift up to a small platform housing a turret and overlooking the surrounding areas.

    To the left of each base is a winding path leading up to a small tunnel overlooking the central bridge. These tunnels also act as vehicle paths, and place any vehicle taking this route directly into the center of the map. Below these larger vehicles tunnels are a small set of infantry tunnels branching in two directions. One side leads directly to the central bridge, while the other leads to open terrain near the edge of the map.

    The bridge in the center of the map takes design cues from Narrows, with two distinct levels to it. There are also large beams high above either end of the bridge that can be accessed by infantry via lifts, terrain paths, or jump ups.


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