Third Gear

1v1 Slayer

Map Description

  1. xdemption
    Third gear started off as surprisingly meant for 4v4. the design was meant to create trench warfare on the outside and transitioning through the inside. Outside areas where meant to be pushing points while the trenches were meant to flush out those using those pushing points, creating different scenarios based on positioning. The result turned into something far smaller than I expected, giving way for 2v2 and 1v1 gameplay.

    As for the contest, it blew me away how far Third Gear made it. With such fierce competition, I wasn't expecting to place at all. In a way, Third Gear's triumph was more or less a happy accident. Given the amount of time I had spent AWOL, it goes to show I haven't lost my touch.

    So give the map a download and leave any feedback you could muster! I hope you enjoy!

Recent Reviews

  1. brusky0086 brusky0086
    Outstanding in its design ,art and just plays phenomenally well.


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