These Walls

2v2 Slayer

Map Description

  1. xzamplez
    These Walls is an asymmetrical room-based map intended for 2-8 players.

    Here's a quote from when I originally created this a year ago, on another game: "If this is the last map I make, I'm satisfied."

    Fortunately, the transition into Halo resulted in numerous improvements on the original, so I'm even more happy with it.

    Thanks to Yeti for Hire and Certified Champ for doing an outstanding job on the art.

    Thanks to Max Extra and Ascend Hyperion for testing. The map would be far less refined had it not been for you, and all the people who helped test.



    Additional thanks:
    Lahont, for feedback on the original creation.

    Soul Flame, Career 45, Canadian Echo, Sethiroth, and Solo XIII for helpful feedback.

    Squally, for help with the clamber spot.

    Ascend Hyperion, for help with the camera.

    TheRoflzDude, for the flythrough.


  1. TheRoflzDude

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    Great to see my video on here, thanks for that! Was a great map to play !
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  2. CaptainDireWolf

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    That's some clean forging man. I like the floor art and columns. Nice work!
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  3. WAR

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    Great looking map Max! Love how you're cranking out all of these towards the tail end of H5 - better late than never! This may sound like an oxymoron but your design style is articulated simplicity, something I personally resonate with and find really fitting for this game. Well done, glad to see you keeping up with the big fish in our small pond :)

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