The Vegetated Flood Collection

Map Description

  1. TrepidNiNjaZ3r0
    This collection is a set of prefabs for you to check out. When i searched for flood, i saw the list (at the time) & then thought to myself, "i wanna try to make my own." I wanted to stand out by making it look more vegetated than fleshy. I had fun making these, & i appreciate the feedback. Thank you to all who downloaded the prefabs.

    This set includes:
    -Flood (Infection )
    -Flood (Human)
    -Flood (Elite)
    -Flood (Swords Elite)
    -Flood (Carrier)
    (Each prefab is separate.)

    *The download link is for the Flood Carrier. When searching the prefabs in Halo 5, just look in my file share. search my GT "Odinkaar".
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