The Upside Down

Map Description

  1. Shiningdragon7X
    Race map themed after the Upside Down from Stranger Things. The map starts players off in the intermediate dimension where Eleven goes from her powers. Players then drive through a dimension portal that teleports them into the Upside Down. The path then passes next to the Upside Down version of the Palace Arcade with stormy crimson skies in the background. Players then ascend a roller coaster style lift hill themed after the Mind Flayer's vines, which then lead players up to the Mind Flayer himself! After players pass by the Mind Flayer and his storm and lightning effects, they drop down an incline and twist through the forest. After another airtime hill, players end up on a portion of the street where Will was trick-or-treating, complete with vine covered vintage lamp posts. The track then turns and continues through the forest, going on elevated curves over water and passing by a couple of Demogorgons. The path then leads into the Hawkins Lab building and through another teleport gate. The path then takes players through one section of the lab, going past scripted Demogorgons that can kill the players. The track then goes on another steep incline, down to the main dimension gate at the bottom of the lab. The Mind Flayer has his head peering down at players one last time before players go through the gate and warp back to the start of the circuit.

    Mongoose preferred.
    4 points per lap (12 points for 3 laps)
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