The Tower Plaza

4v4 Grifball

Map Description

  1. ReinaStorm
    "Get out there, Guardian, and win those matches!"

    "Cayde, are you betting on sparrow races again?"

    "What? No, this is Grifball!"

    "Grifball? What's Grifball?"

    "It's only the best sport since itself!"

    Breaking the 4th wall and possibly the 5th (if that even exists!) to bring you a blast from some point in a parallel timeline, past or present unknown.

    One of the many Towers, home of the Guardians, that line the great wall around the Last City is now your stomping grounds for Grifball, sport of the Spartans.

    In the ultimate crossover between Halo and Destiny, I present to you a Grifball map for the ages!

    Built to standard pro court specifications (with a slight variance on those wall heights), this map boasts a set of clamber and wall hop ledges to suit those Titan smash urges.

    Slam dunk a ball or two, cut some people up with swords, bring out your inner Sarge and bash Grif's face in multiple times!

    The only way to truly enjoy this map is to have Nathan Fillion be your match host.

    "Get out there, Guardian! It's just getting good..."
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Recent Reviews

  1. You have an amazing eye for things.


  1. Ryouji Gunblade

    Ryouji Gunblade Spartan III

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    I just dropped some nova bombs. My favorite part is the FWC logo. Did you think about putting a purple/soccer ball somewhere?
    #2 Ryouji Gunblade, Jan 19, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2017
  2. ReinaStorm

    ReinaStorm Nostalgia never dies
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    I'm actually going to use this map as a basis for a future project soon to be revealed. And I'll have an aesthetic version up for wandering purposes with some extra goodies.
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    NOKYARD GrifballHub
    Cartographer Forge Critic Senior Member

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    The Live Streaming version is ready.

    Can you please grab it from my files, save it to put your name back on the file, and add a pic to it?

    Let me know when you do this so i can notify DJ Blue.

    [edit] hold up, needs another test
    #4 NOKYARD, Mar 13, 2017
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2017

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