The Thicket

4v4 Custom

Map Description

  1. Murloc
    This is a very simple and spooky infection minigame. The goal is to kill off all enemies. Infected and survivors have one life.

    Survivors need to walk a dark path while being hunted by camouflaged infected. They need to be careful and search around all the cover while being fast enough to get to the end (the bright wall) if they don't manage to kill off the infected.

    The infected have to use the cover and strategically strike at the survivors when they aren't looking. They have swords so they can do far lunges. Survivors have lawgivers which can down an infected from a distance, so ambushing the survivors is pretty much the only way to win.

    Special thanks to Julianoz1224 for some help on aesthetics and the shooting stars scripting. As well as munk07 and Amor de Venom for inspiration on the gametype name.

    Also special thanks to the screenshot maker.
    It's Julianoz1224!
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