The Shrouded Castle


Map Description

  1. Lost Pinecone
    A Squid Loaf presents:

    The Shrouded Castle

    The Shrouded Castle is an adventure map featuring various challenges such as grenade throwing, timed shooting, guiding objects through obstacle courses, mongoose driving, golf balls, and more. Explore the map to find keys which allow you to open the challenge doors.

Recent Reviews

  1. Wow, even after all this time Squid is still making amazing maps. This one still has fresh ideas not previously seen in other puzzle maps. A good mix of puzzle, obstacles, vehicles, and golf ball (my personal favorite for some reason...) challenges. Not only are the puzzles good, but the level is constructed aesthetically and functional. Rooms lead into other rooms and loop back around creating a realistic environment, while still requiring puzzle completion to access other areas. Well done Squid!


  1. rocknroll9

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    Help me with the power ups I can't find the last few
  2. CaptainDireWolf

    CaptainDireWolf Forger of the Wild
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    You still manage to come up with new puzzles after all this time? Impressive boi.
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