The Pit of Sanghelios


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  1. Arpod
    This is my version of the pit but made sangheli style. Very detailed but still has the feel of the original. Setup for team slayer, ffa, strongholds, and CTF.


  1. GamerPeepFreaks

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    So, overall I love the map but I do have some feedback that I hope will help you achieve a well built map. I do want to note that this feedback is based off of me running around the map by myself and looking in depth.

    -Because you are going with more of a natural feel, I would recommend smoothing out the ramp ups that you have in screenshot 7 (the ones that are made from the tidal terrain pieces). Don't use a ramp piece because those have tendencies to screw with the player's screen while they are going up it, just smooth it out using other pieces.

    -I would take the sniper rifles off of the weapon pads and just have the SPNKr and the Energy sword on the pads since those are a little more important

    -This note is a note that I want to make but is completely up to you to execute. I think that the map could flourish without rain and would look pretty damn good on just plain old sunrise, maybe try out a few filters but I think it would be fine as just sunrise. I notice that you took the hard work and time to make sure every nook and cranny of covered space doesn't rain but there is still some areas where it does and it might throw off a player if they expect it to stop and it doesn't. Also, very rarely but noticeable, I do receive minor frame drops that would effect the aim of a competitive player and would upset a lot of forge critiques.

    -(Side note) that music makes me feel like I'm in an Indiana Jones movie (lol)

    -I do notice that you are trying to stay away from repetitiveness but, on red side, the ramp up that goes to the SPNKr, that curvy palm tree that you have right there I would recommend that you switch that to a straighter one just for the fact that it sticks out quite a bit and could probably interfere with some gameplay.

    -Now, I highly, highly, highly recommend that you change out the CE pistols for the Gunfighter or silenced magnum. The CE pistol is just simply to OP for competitive play and you already have plenty of power based weapons on the map.

    -Add a static camera so when players die they aren't presented with the Alpine canvas as they wait to respawn

    -Torches: These are a very cool addition to the map but recommend one thing, raise some of them. Only reason I say this is because even while just walking around the map and not doing anything, I found myself backing in to torches or walking to close to one. I don't blame this on you it's just the ridiculous range of damage on the flame and us forgers have to work our way around it.

    -FPS: Frame rate drop is HUGE and VERY noticeable when you look out into the map standing on the ramps inside the rooms with the double ramp (room to the right in screenshot 7).

    -Speaking of just a "room", there is no named boundaries, now I can understand not wanting to do them but it helps a lot and makes the map seem more complete.

    -The popping up statues are sweet but I recommend working on the coordinate shifts just because it floats above the ground and looks a little goofy.

    -On both sides, before the ramps that lead up to the Machine Gun you have a rock that is sticking out of the ground that messes with the players movement.

    -You have six red banners on the blue side (Intended?)

    -Too many shots in shotgun, recommend making it 1 clip

    -Too many shots in needler, recommend making it 2 clips

    -Too many shots in closed fist, recommend making it 3 clips

    -Too many shots in SMG, make it 3 clips

    -Can see under map to the right of the pop up statue on red side

    -One sniper is 200 sec respawn and 1 clip while the other is 180 sec respawn and 2 clip

    Other than 40 minutes of review time worth of notes, this map is very well done and I think could become extremely well done when it is more fine tuned. Great job with another good piece of art!
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  2. Edwardwoodward

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    Only recently come across this map, love the themeing of it and how it plays, the pit was one of my favourite halo 3 maps, however, there a few invisible blockers that interfere with gameplay,

    e.g the blockers used to help push you on top of the bases above snipers are not needed and every time I have played this map with them there some one has managed to climb on top of them and appear to floating (I went into forge and deleted them and found the lifts actually work fine without those blockers too)

    The square cube blocker in the center where the bright leading into sword area over hangs too much and you can jump into it blocking you off from junping, I feel a smaller blocker should be used to prevent this

    Finally, this is only a personal gripe though, the door ways into the sniper rooms are far to low

    Other than that the map is brilliant, good work :)
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  3. Arpod

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    Hey thanks for the feedback. I will definitely look into these issues and fix them. I am glad that so many people love the map. I want it to be a great gameplay experience for everyone. Appreciate you bringing this to my attention.

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