The Party Box 2

Map Description

  1. Red Hunter
    The Party Box 2
    Play with one of 4 game modes V.I.P, K.N.O.T, H.I.T Man, and Grab Bag to protect a VIP (or VIP's). you know if your the VIP if you have an infected screen.
    V.I.P; one player from each team i chosen to be a VIP, if your VIP dies you lose but if you kill the enemy you win.
    K.N.O.T; V.I.P for everyone, first person dies loses for their team.
    H.I.T man; one person is V.I.P, if he lives for 1 min he wins. if the VIP dies he loses.
    Grab Bag; Every round is a random game mode. keep hints on which game mode your on


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