The Observatory

4v4 Grifball

Map Description

  1. Minister Muffin
    Hey everybody! The Observatory is my second and more mainstream entry to the Hammerfall contest. In contrast with the other court I submitted, I decided that I wanted to construct a court that was more functional in the areas where I took artistic liberties on Kanaloa's Wrath (my other court).

    The Observatory is designed specifically for easy player understanding as well as providing convenient spectating capabilities within the confines of the arena and surrounding structure. The aesthetic of the court is meant to be informative rather than flashy and informs the player of the aspects typically found on a mainstream court. Canadian and I both wished to play with the lighting of the arena to provide interest where needed and left depth and darkness where we saw fit. Ultimately, I think The Observatory ended up becoming a solid competitive court that shines best when its aesthetic simplicity and meaningful functionality as best understood.

    Thank you for checking out the Observatory, and please, feel free to check out my other court and leave a comment!!


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    at least canadian has partial credit for a map in h5 now
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