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  1. LegitimateTB
    Hello All!! Welcome to The Mine, my next forge project for the Hub of the dead contest! This map is my first infection map in Halo 5, with many more to come! I have taken about 2-3 weeks working and finalizing this map for release, and I am proud of the current state it is in for release!!

    Map story: You and your team fall into a gulch of rocks, with no ways of escape in sight. With the infected fast approaching you have to act quickly! You and your team follow the path of land you land on and find an abandoned mineshaft. With very limited supplies above ground you must venture into the mine, fine better equipment and supplies to survive with, and hold off the infected until a method of escape is found!!

    This map is built to work with the standard infection mode, and has no custom gametype! I could make a series starting with this map but ive got a few other ideas first!


    Magnum - x2
    Assault Rifle - x3
    DMR - x1
    Battle Rifle - x1
    SMG - x2
    Shotgun - x3
    Hydra Launcher - x1
    Halo CE Pistol - x1
    Halo 2 Battle Rifle - x1
    Sniper Rifle - x1
    SPNKr - x1
    SAW - x1

    This map holds many secrets, for hiding spots and weapons, so be on the lookout for visual signs and audio ques :) (Some pallets are meant to be destructible, and dont have projectile blockers in front of them, so feel free to occasionally shoot some pallets to see if they break and reveal some secrets xD )


    This map uses many pallets to build parts of the mineshaft. These have all be forged with Projectile blockers overlaying them so that bullets and melee's can't damage them. The only problem is that grenades, the hydra, and the SPNKr can deal splash damage with goes through the blockers and destroys the pallets.
    Solution - The pallets are all set on a 3 second respawn timer (2 and 1 second messes with the spawn and prevents some spawns altogether, 3 is still being a bit risky) So that if the pallets get destroyed they will respawn fairly quickly! With the pallets gone people can fall through the map so try to avoid open gaps! If people fall through them when the pallets try to respawn the respawn will be delayed an extra 3 seconds which is annoying!


    Update map link with new version of the map, got reports of an error starting the map so Ive re-saved it, hopefully all should work now :)

    Updated link again with new reworked version of the map which fixes Invisible barriers problem, now there are teleporters only the infected can access which brings them back outside the map for if they spawn in the mineshaft and the remaining players are on the highground. Also added a timed kill in the SPNKr corridor so that it was fair on the infected to kill survivors in that hallway :)

    I have worked so hard on detailing for this map, that including objects, sounds, atmosphere, backgrounds, etc!! Ive also made the map feel like a real environment with dynamic elements and timed sounds of rusting metal and tinkering machines!! Also I tuned down the fog for the screenshots, in the actual map the fog is a lot more prominent in adding to a desert theme!! I hope everyone tried and enjoys this map, and I hope it goes far in the competition!!! I always appreciate feedback of any type!!! A video tour of the map shall be added soon :) Thanks everyone, and good luck surviving....

    .....The Mine


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    I was thinking why there wasn't a mine style infection map, looks like we were thinking the same thing haha good job!
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  2. LegitimateTB

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    Thank you for the feedback!!
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    To all that play this map, please comment here how well it looks, plays, ect and inform me on whether you like this map or not and any problems you encountered with it!!! Now that all the initial problems are solved (Hopefully) I want to know if its something I can proudly submit to the Hub of the Dead competition, and to know if it works to a high standard and has good gameplay value. Please all let me know of the following if possible and enjoy the map :)

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