The Makeshift Collection

Map Description

  1. TrepidNiNjaZ3r0
    This collection was made because i wanted to make post-apocalyptic themed structures; like structures that look like they're barely put together. The struggle is real, lol. Thank you everyone who sent me feedback. I like to hear that you guys tell me that you're enjoying them.

    This set includes: (Objects)
    -Makeshift Outpost (43)
    -Makeshift Workshop (69)
    -Makeshift Campsite (36)
    -Makeshift Tower (62)
    -Makeshift Comms Tower (74)
    -Makeshift Bridge (12)
    -Makeshift Barracks (129)
    -Depot (64)
    -Barrack Beds (A set of beds, so each bed type varies.)
    (Each Prefab is separate.)

    I believe the Makeshift Barracks has an ammo locker in the storage area; because i put two "Weapon Caches" in there. (Look up "Weapon Cache" in my file share if you wanna know what i'm talking about.)

    The "Makeshift Bridge" is suppose to be stackable; so you make it as lengthy as you want or need it to be.

    *When looking for the Makeshift set, search for "makeshift" or "Odinkaar".

    *the download link is for the "Makeshift Campsite".
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