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  1. KeeLoker
    "No one knows where we are, how we got here...or who they are..."

    Welcome to The Labyrinth

    The Labyrinth is a survival horror mini game where the survivors' main goal is to survive the entire round avoiding those lurking around the corners of The Labyrinth. Below are the unique traits of each player
    Alpha Traits: 2 spawn each round, can only be killed by an assassination, wields a Corpsemaker, moves very slowly.
    Infected Traits: Easy to kill, moves fast, able to use the thruster pack, wields an Energy Sword.
    Survivor Traits: Wields a shotgun with infinite ammo, cannot regenerate health over time but can take a couple hits from the infected (3 from lesser infected, 2 from alphas), only able to regenerate a little bit of health from killing the lesser infected, only able to sprint.
    Last Man Standing: Move faster than usual, regenerate a little bit more health from killing than before, can take more hits from infected

    The Skulls
    As previously stated, the "main" goal is to survive; however, for the more daring and adventurous ones, 4 skulls surrounded by a colored aura lay hidden around the Labyrinth waiting to be discovered and brought back to their rightful altars.
    Each skull has a distinct colored aura surrounding it: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Each round will randomize the location of the skulls so don't spend your time trying to memorize where they are...each skull has a total of 3 possible areas of where they may lie.
    When you find a skull, you must first interact with it and it will then follow you until you bring it back to its rightful altar at the start of the map. If a skull holder dies while attempting to bring it back to its altar, it will return to the same place it spawned that round.
    To help find the skulls, there are specific sections of the map where you can only find that colored skull. They are marked by the irregular color of the light that illuminate its corridors compared to the standard white.
    You may notice that a yellow light is not available and that's because that skull is a wildcard and has possible locations around the entire Labyrinth. Look for subtle hints as to where one might be located.
    When all 4 skulls are returned to their rightful altars, salvation is least that's what we believe

    The Twist
    It may seem like there is a lot available to the survivors but the infected are not left out of the fun either. The infected have the unique ability to walk through walls. Scattered across the Labyrinth are false walls that only the infected can access (Hense the gametype name False Walkers). They are marked by a white navpoint* only visible by the infected. These can be used to get the jump on an unsuspecting survivor or use it as a shortcut to get to a part of the Labyrinth that would otherwise take a longer route for the survivors.
    *There is one red navpoint that is basically a "No outlet" entrance that solely serves as a spawn for the infected. This might be later changed but is right now as is.

    **The map is still open to feedback and is still being tested so expect some update in the near future**

Recent Reviews

  1. ZombieDyer ZombieDyer
    Pros: The scripting and bonus features are great and adds a new level of originality to the maze themed customs genera. The background atmosphere is well utilised and although it isn't something most people would notice, it adds to the style of the map. Everyone was enjoying themselves and having a lot of fun throughout even if we never completed the map to the end of a round.

    Cons: A lot of the time the map becomes a walking simulator especially for zombies and it can be frustrating. The time limit is way too short, we barely found 3 skulls before the timer ran out. I'm not sure why we kept going in and out of black and white filter, but I would recommend just getting rid of that effect entirely, it ruins the ambiance.

    Suggestions for improvement: Make the time limit longer or even just scrap it completely. I would maybe add a radar or a script to help zombies detect humans so that when zombies go near players, a waypoint appears on their heads and when zombies get further away, it removes the mark, so zombies don't always know exactly where the humans are, but if they get close then they'll have a hint even if they're on the opposite side of a wall.

    Overall I feel like there's a lot more this map has to offer however, it was easily the best map we played during the stream.

    As always, let me know if you update your map and I'll update my review.

    Sam :)


  1. Comedy Aerosol

    Comedy Aerosol Recruit

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    I was playing this map and I really like the concept. It's pretty fun running around trying to find the skulls but every round it seems that we would find a skull that can not be picked up. Not sure the scripts involved but I'm hoping this can get fixed. Pretty good besides that!
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  2. KeeLoker

    KeeLoker ONI Agent
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    Yeah that problem has been brought to my attention and I'm trying to fix it. I appreciate the feedback though! Thanks for playing it!
  3. KeeLoker

    KeeLoker ONI Agent
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    KeeLoker updated The Labyrinth with a new update entry:

    Skull Bug Fix/Alpha Changes/Minor Changes

    Read the rest of this update entry...

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