The Innie Collection

Map Description

  1. TrepidNiNjaZ3r0
    This collection was made because i didn't see much insurrectionist content in the file share at the time; so i wanted to please the fans who like the Innies. I ended up referencing other prefabs, because certain parts looked interesting. I also wanted to thank everyone who gave me feedback. One thing i would love to see more of is the era right before the human-covenant war began; back when the ODST where the top dogs in the UNSC. I'm just speaking my mind; anyways...

    The Warthogs in this set introduces a small game changer. Other than reinforced armor, the Warthogs with a mounted gun actually can be torn off; also when the hog is destroyed, the gun is still available to pick up. Pick it up & "Finish the Fight!"

    The Supplyhog & the HAS-03 still play the same like their original counterparts, they just look different to match the theme. (To see how the Supplyhog & the HAS-03 play, look up the original Prefabs in my file browser.)

    If no one or an enemy is driving the vehicle, & if you're manning the gun, you will damage the vehicle if you're aiming lower enough.

    Finally when driving the hog, treat it like how you would drive a real car. if you're driving off a ramp, the vehicle will flip forward if not careful; & turning dramatically may also flip; & when hitting bumps, just slow down. Think of it as a "speed bump". You'll see what i mean.

    (Set to normal before dropping.)

    This set contains:
    -Innie Supplyhog
    -Innie Warthog
    -Innie Rockethog
    -Innie Gausshog
    -Innie HAS-03
    (Each prefab is seperate.)

    *When searching in the file share on Halo 5, search up "innie", "insurrectionist", or "Odinkaar" for the rest of he Prefabs.

    *The download link is for the "Innie Warthog"


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