The Drenched Night


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  1. Lost Pinecone
    A Squid Loaf presents:

    The Drenched Night



    The Drenched Night is a low-mid level difficulty puzzle map for 1-3 players that offers a variety of challenges. You'll have to interact with objects, use weapons to destroy stuff, and climb obstacles on your journey through the city. The playtime is 45-90 min depending on how many players, familiarity with puzzle maps, etc.

    Use Gametype: Puzzle Mode (Link)


    You play as a vagrant outlaw who dwells in alleyways and dark places. After a loud noise wakes you up in the middle of the night, you embark on a journey of discovery that will take you from the dirty alleyways you call home to the soaring rooftops of the Upper Market and everywhere in between.


    -Always crouch when looking for an interaction on something low to the ground. (Remember, the range on

    switches in Halo 5 is very small which means you have to stick your face into it to see the interaction prompt.)

    -If you've been in an area for awhile and are not sure what to do next, trying looking in a previous area.

    -If you need a hint, or just want to move on, you can use the guide posted below for help.

    As always, thanks to all the testers.
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    Part 1: The Undercity

    From the Shadows

    Find a path to the disguise while avoiding the light.

    Walk along the wall of the city until you come to the sewers, then jump in the water and follow it to the other end (crouch under the bridges). The disguise is lying on the ground to the right of the raised sewer pipe.

    Into the Light

    Look for a way to incapacitate the lone guard in the Undercity.

    Shoot the wooden shelf above the guard to drop the flower pot onto the guard's head. You can now take the guards outfit which will let you walk past the single guard at the top of the stairs

    Part 2: The Tavern

    Helping Hand

    Search the Tavern area for food to give to the elite.

    There is a moldy chicken leg in front of the trash pile at the end of the alley containing the magazine stand, pick it up then give it to the elite who will drop a crowbar that you can pick up.

    (Optional) Full Meal

    Find all 3 food items for the elite (Note: they are all in the Tavern area).

    The 3 food items are:
    -Chicken leg: see above.

    -Soda can: on top of the tall building closest to the gate, it's on the corner of the roof.

    -Banana peel: on the street directly across from the stairs you came from, it's located on the sidewalk near one

    of the lampposts.

    (Optional) Patterns

    Look for patterns hidden in the Undercity (4 total), then look for a secret spot to use them in the Tavern area.

    Break the board on the magazine stand and jump crouch into it to find the spot where you interact with the correct patterns. The patterns are: the reticle, the perpendicular opposing lines, the criss-crossing mini octagons, and the solid triangle. (NOTE: If you hit any of the wrong patterns you will have to leave the stand and wait for the board to spawn back on the front of it to reset the puzzle.)

    Part 3: Backtracking

    The Sewers

    Look for a lantern to pick up before heading into the sewers.

    The lantern is located on a bench in the Tavern area near the guards standing next to a van. After getting the lantern and the crobar from the elite, head to the higher sewer pipe in the Undercity and use the crowbar to open it.

    Pipe Puzzle

    Search the room for a marking that will tell you where the pressure gauge needs to be.

    Move the crate on the right side of the pressure gauge to see the access sign which tells you where you must get the pressure level to be (the 5th notch). Once, the pressure is at the right level, head into the pipe to the single wheel and activate it to gain access to the surface.

    Part 4: The Upper Market

    Hammer Time

    Beat the monster in Tic-Tac-Toe to acquire the hammer.

    Make a \ line with your squares to win (note: if your facing the monster while looking at the board).

    Make a Trade

    Find something to trade the grunt for his key.

    After getting the hammer, break open the glass store front and pick up the brown doll. Give the doll to the grunt and he will head back down into the cellar, allowing you to take the key.

    Over the Undercity

    After getting the key, open the gate and search the rooftops of the Undercity for something to let you get past the guards.

    Head to the far side of the tallest building where you'll find an open window. Jump up on the ledge and crouch to pick up the Captain's Hat which will allow you to move freely through the


    Part 5: The Battlezone

    Nasty Surprise
    Head into the last quadrant you've yet to explore and look for a way inside the monster.

    Climb onto the monster using the ridges on its legs, at the top look for a yellow light and destroy it to open up a hole in the back of the monster.

    The Monster


    Once inside the monster, follow the path until you reach a room with an 8 on the wall and some powerful weapons. Use the weapons to destroy 8 things (all inside the monster).

    It's hard to explain exactly where they are but there are 2 parts in the room with the 8 on the side of each wall, near the middle. 2 Parts in the room directly above in a similar location to the room below but the parts look different, then 4 parts in the first room you came in through, 2 of them are high up on the back wall, and the last 2 are in the opposite corners, near where the curved ceiling pieces begin.


    Destroy 2 fusion coils to turn off the electrical ball of death.

    The 1st coil can be seen and destroyed right away, it's on the side just past the barrier that opened to let you in the room. The 2nd coil is closed off so you have to open it by cutting the wire that goes from it down under the floor, follow the wire to the end and you should see an interaction button near the piece that intersects 2 of the wires. Once you interact with it, the cover opens and you can shoot the fusion coil.


    After turning off the plasma ball, head down and destroy to brain. Now you must dodge the fire and explosions to escape.

    Here are some tips:

    -pick up the overshield and jump over the rights side for the 1st batch of fire.

    -look for safe spots, there are a few in each room.

    -at the end, you have to land on the piece that is blocking your way out and interact with the switch to push it out of the way.

    Part 6: Bonus

    Bring the elite 3 food items and solve the patterns to gain access to the bonus.

    See the Optional sections above. Once you've completed both option tasks, head to the bell tower. You can now enter the door which will teleport you to the top. You'll see the elite is there by the bell now, look for the flag and jump onto it in order to climb up onto the roof. There you'll see a gargoyle which you use the magic potion on (the thing you discovered when completing the pattern puzzle). After interacting with the gargoyle, you'll be able to ascend into the bonus area which is a parkour obstacle. Good Luck!
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    Map download link leads to your gametypes
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    @Zandril thanks for the heads up, just fixed it.
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    You're a BOSS. That is all.
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    This is Cloverfield 2
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    Noice. whaa saa dude finished the trailer sorry it's not the best I could do.
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    Really fun map! Played it with some teammates and friends and it was a big hit.
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    Teaser trailer. no spoiler or giveaways so just enjoy and hope it intrigues!

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    Squid Loaf I did a Terrible Map Feature for your map!

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