The defense turret pack

Map Description

  1. TrepidNiNjaZ3r0
    A set of turrets for yah; Inspired by real world turrets from the Navy. These turrets are props. I apologize in advance, due to the fact when you spawn these Prefabs, there's a chance the parts will be slightly shifted. i don't know why it does that. i also don't know if this is a normal thing, because this was a first for me.

    This set includes: (objects)
    -Light CIWS (35)
    -Heavy CIWS (65)
    -Light Turret (29)
    (Each sold separately, lol.)

    Each Prefab has different configurations. They come in (default)(15 degree angle)(30 degree angle).

    *The download link is for the "Light CIWS (default)".
    *When looking up the set in the file browser, either search up "Odinkaar" or "turret". You can search up the Prefabs names.


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