1. DC Valorstrike
    DC Valorstrike
    Version: 2016-10-27
    This map easily earns a five-star rating, as a scripted and immersive experience the map creators add minigame elements to craft their own one-of-a-kind infection style for "The Curse of Halloween"

    This map begins with survivors spawning in one of three beautifully curated houses on a very atmospheric city street at night illuminated by red lights at the front of the suburban and neat homes and street lamp lights with errie yellow lighting, with ghastly pumpkins and scarecrows at the door, sitting as if welcoming the ghostly spirits of the night.

    Survivors are unable to leave the houses with invisible blockers only allow infected to enter and survivors must shack up in the houses to survive. This map really relies on the survivors skills as power weapons, besides a single CE magnum, are not available to aid you in banishing the ghouls that seek you out.

    Infected spawn around the forests which surround the neighborhood culdesac and must enter the houses while also making use of light switch panels placed outside the house to cut off lights inside the house and using the darkness to their advantage until the lights restore themselves.

    This feature is one of the most simple, original, and well implemented features in an infection map that allows for another dimension to the regular infection formula and makes "Curse" a must-play for infected junkies and forgers alike.
  2. ArturBloodshot
    Version: 2016-10-27
    This might be some this pair's best. Just exactly in time for Halloween, this new game comes to be a modern experience on a humble neighborhood where you have to hide or fight for your life, and nails it.
    Aesthetics are amazing as always, incredible art direction and prefab work. Also the scripted lighting and immersive assests brings a spooky ambience and a frenzy gameplay, just everything a horror game should attempt. Good job, keep doing this nice stuff!
  3. ZombieDyer
    Version: 2016-10-27
    Atmosphere *****
    Immersion ****
    Aesthetic ****
    Creativity ****
    Concept *****
  4. Portaleer
    Version: 2016-10-27
    Great atmospheric tone and range of gameplay.