The Court of Tartarus

4v4 Custom

Map Description

  1. Murloc
    One of my first creations in Halo 5, nearing three years old. Recently decided to update it and post it. Hope you enjoy it!

    Very simple concept, be the last one standing. Hit the kill balls into your opponents or hit your opponents into the kill balls. The round starts with just a lonely kill ball in the middle with a kickoff that can be very exciting. More kill balls spawn throughout the round, falling from the galaxy above, landing in the pink box area in the middle of the arena.

    Other things to know/tips:
    • The border of the arena has a gravity slide which sends whatever hits it toward the middle.
    • If you melee the ball it makes it move a lot faster than just normally swinging the hammer.
    • Melee knockback is increased so avoiding players is important as well.
    Thanks to A Squid Loaf, munk07, and Julianoz1224 for partaking in screenshots.

Recent Reviews

  1. Simple, chaotic fun that only gets better with more players. I would love to see this included in Action Sack one day.

    I've genuinely had an amazing time whenever I have played/tested this map.

    9 Stone Platforms™ out of 10


  1. Sins of Truth

    Sins of Truth ONI Agent

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    Seems like a simple, yet fun concept. :)
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  2. munk07

    munk07 Spartan I

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    Oh boy. I didn't know I was being screenshot. Thanks for killing me a bunch.
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  3. MartianMallCop

    MartianMallCop Spartan II
    Forge Critic

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    Missed opportunity to call it Tartarball

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