The Co Op Simulation


Map Description

  1. Murloc
    This is a co-op (2 player) map, with both players having to be on red team. The map contains a few puzzles, and a few challenges. This map is NOT soloable. From the tests, I would guess it will take most groups 1-2 hours to complete. The scripting on the map has been working as well, the only issue that may occur is the colored cylinders colliding and not rolling as intended.

    As always, thanks to all the groups of testers!

    Group 1: DEATH WEAPONxx and Lanieex (Goomba Girl)
    Group 2: A Squid Loaf and Julianoz1224
    Group 3: DeFeCtEd ArK and Sword of Malnok
    Group 4: Chroma and Freshmegawolf

    And special thanks to my helper who helped playthrough it with me (cause map is not soloable) A Squid Loaf!

    Hope you enjoy the map, and feel free to message me on here, or on xbox if you have any questions!


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    You guys keep churning out all these sweet puzzle maps. Nice work!
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