1. SpookyFest Update

    • Fixed safe door scripting allowing players outside the safe room to go in.
    • Blocked safe door switch from inside to prevent players to spam safe room.
    • Added scripted scare jump moments.
    • Fixed general lighting.
    • Added lighting and effects to enhance immersive experiencie.

    • Enhanced scripting for random spawning of the barrels for each round.
    • Changed barrels color to red and added scripted...
  2. Gametype Fixed

    Unfortunately since the Anvil's update the gametype was broken, suffering eternal loops and setttings struggles.

    Thanks to the Monitor Bounty's that's in the past. The Butcher now works properly and you can have the fun and the scare jumps you always had!

    Artur out.
  3. Update 3.3

    -Fixed walking corpses
    -Minor changes to aesthetics
    -Added more showcase videos featuring this project
  4. Glitch Fixed

    -Thanks to the Firefight Update, the glitch on my map was fixed and now it works like it did at the beginning of times.

    Behold the ultimate psychological horror experience!
  5. Update 3.1

    -Fixed small aesthetics issues
    -Deleted Infected respawn point (caused the player who joined after game started to be infected... Nope)
  6. New Gametype Added

    For those who wanted a more fast paced game and actually play like an infected, here it is a new game called The Hounds.

    The map has been updated to support both The Butcher and The Hounds gametypes.
  7. Huge Glitch Attack

    The map got glitched, don't letting me add more scripts and deleting objects at random. I fixed it almost enterily, but this brought some major changes:

    -The barrel count was reduced to just 2 barrels, 1 for round (they still change places) making the game easier/harder (depending on how many survivors are alive).
    -To balance the gameplay, the Butcher is deadlier and the Last Men Standing don't have thrusters anymore.
    -Changed the floor-terrain for a better aesthetic and functionality.
  8. General Fix

    -Deleted some scripts to prevent glitching because of budget over-use.
  9. General Fix

    -Lighting and aesthetics enhancement
    -Fixed glitched items
  10. Glitch Fixed

    For some reason, the power barrels didn't spawn at the start of the first round. Glitch fixed.