The Bridge of Khazad-dum

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  1. Buddy Jumps
    This is my first Lord of the Rings aesthetic piece on TMCC. If you seen my Halo 4 recreations (which you can check out HERE at the bottom) you already know that this map won't disappoint you. I am a hardcore LotR fan, so I set the highest standard for myself when I forge these maps. I always look at pictures and watch the movies while forging them.

    These pictures do NOT show the original map! The real one is a lot darker, but I had to delete the 'Juicy' effect due to differences of the LED-TV and the laptop screen. So now you can at least see someting. If you play the map it will be very dark (how it should be). The bridge is broken, the Balrog and Gandalf fell and the Goblins went back to their mines... But the demonic fire is still there licking over the stone.
    The framerate sometimes drops to ~22-24 fps, but I'm okay with that as it is an aesthetical map with no specific gametype; although I included a little easter egg. Hehe.

    Alrighty, thanks for checking this out and if you want something to be recreated just message me. ;)
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    This reminds me of the Unreal 4 Elemental demo with the dark knight's castle in the side of a mountian.
    [iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="425" height="350"][/iframe]

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    Haha, yeah! :D Those columns are most likely based off of the ones in Moria. I am sure the makers of this Engine saw the Lord of the Rings movies. ;) This is a fantasy video, and Lord of the Rings is THE fantasy saga. They might actually be fans? :rolleyes:
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