The Beginning of the End


Map Description

  1. Murloc
    Welcome those who use ForgeHub on the daily, as well as welcome to those who have followed the instructions on the map itself. This is a “puzzle trail adventure” that requires you to use this page to find instructions and hints on where to go and how to solve certain puzzles on certain maps. Visit the old and new, maps you surely have played before as well as maps made specifically for this. This truly is the Beginning of the End!

    Someone once told me The Stone Platform was not long enough for them, this “map” is my response.

    Quick thanks to all the co-forgers! Yes, those are LEGIT co forgers and I would not have been able to do this without them! They poured their heart and souls into this and I really appreciate each and every one of them.

    Very special thanks to Julianoz1224 (@Julian Truby) and A Squid Loaf (@Lost Pinecone) for giving their heart and soul into playtesting this behemoth! Their 4 months of time was not in vain.

    As well as @Sword of Malnok for reporting MANY other errors that I overlooked and have now fixed.

    Also please, please, PLEASE read the following so there is a lot less confusion. It will answer a lot of questions, as well as help you not get stuck.


    • You can expect this to take a long time to complete.

    • You WILL want to take notes or have a very strong memory.

    • You can return to where you left off when you need a break.

    • You will not have to purchase anything to complete.

    • You do not need any parkour skills.

    • Default announcer will need to be used for sound hints or map names.

    • You can use any puzzle mode gametype on most maps, besides maps that use INFINUT's X-Ball gamemode.

    • You can do this solo but having a friend may make this more enjoyable for how lengthy it is.

    • I encourage this to be played like any other puzzle map, not in forge.

    • Not all maps will have directions here, for they are either puzzle maps, or have instructions on them already.

    • Be on the lookout for the “secret letters,” you will find them at the end of certain maps. They are the letters in Magenta, you won’t miss them. You will NEED to remember them for later and the order you found them in, so keep note of that.

    • It has been play tested and worked, so if you run into any problems you may be doing it wrong. However, if you do feel strongly that something isn’t working, or a map may be hidden let me know and I will check on it for you as soon as I can.

    • If you have any questions feel free to message me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

    • Again, this will take time to complete, be ready for that.

    For this being such a long quest, there will be rewards for the first 6 players to finish:

    1. Platinum Pack, Spring Supplies Pack and a Valentine Pack

    2. Platinum Pack and a Gold Pack

    3. Platinum Pack and a Gold Pack

    4. Platinum Pack and a Gold Pack

    5. Platinum Pack

    6. Platinum Pack

    To receive the reward, you must screenshot the W and tell me how many UNIQUE maps you visited on the journey give or take a map. Also, the first 6 players will have their name displayed on the very beginning map, as well as on this post.

    So, it begins…

    Start off by leaving the map “The Beginning of the End” and load up a map in Murloc’s files called “TTK4”.

    Using the 1st letter of the fifth word, and the number of characters of the 19th word in the first paragraph above, stand and wait in the corresponding square for 10 seconds. Read the instructions.

    Open the map “The Giant” in Murloc’s files and do as the instructions said.

    Once completed, go to the sniper spawn with the crates next to it, stand on the big crate and look through the biggest open square on the grid.

    Open the map name shown, found in the file of the 18th co forger on the list. Blue team best team.

    Open the map that iSpiteful made a YouTube video on March 16, 2019 and go to the location shown on the previous map to find a switch (make sure to interact with it on the final round). Then enjoy the outro.

    Go to the discussion tab on the channel for further instructions.

    Find the map, and follow the instructions previously told. Go to the name of the file, found in the file of the current map author.

    Defeat the “Four” and go to the beach.

    Go to the files of the name shown and get to the end of the maps in their files, remember the letters you see. For one of them you will want your volume up, and another you will want to be very careful with the chair (may need to reset map if done improperly).

    Load the map “?” in DeFeCtEd ArK's files put in the letters found at the end of the three maps in alphabetical order of the map names previously.

    Search for the map name shown and open it by the author “DWxx”. Stand on the overshield spawn, shoot red skull, blue Warzone, red Warzone, blue skull. Proceed to find a switch behind the dragon’s back left leg. Take red ghost and drive it into blue spawn, into the blue skull. Count the number of little blocks with each color.

    Open a Mario map by the author that was after “The Giant” from earlier, and search around the cliffs behind "Goomba Girl's" friendly Goomba. From the previous map, match the color with the number of little blocks of that color. Search for the map name shown by one of the co forgers.

    Complete the puzzles and then find the map name in red, in the files of the player in green. For the second puzzle, do not go in a path of a mini triangle.

    Open the map and when looking at the gate on the opposite side of the body, shoot the skulls that are against the wall in the face in the order of: R7, L13, R18, R9, L6 (Shoot an impaled skull in the face to reset). Proceed to search the dead champion, then stand in the middle and look to the sun.

    Open the map name that was shown by the author shown, then find a way into the invisible ship and then float above what is shown by the radar for 12 seconds. Proceed to fly through the big gate.

    Open the map shown found in Murloc’s files. Follow the path in the order of colors: R, B, G, R, Y, M, M, G, R, B, G, Y, B, R, M, B, B, Y, R, M, G, R, R, M, Y, B, Y, B, R, Y, M, R, R, B (No going diagonal). Go to the profile of the Gamertag shown.

    Investigate the opened cage near the spawn, then follow the trail and investigate the evidence in and around the broken cage (3 interacts). Then crouch into “The Executioner” and shoot a skull that is being looked at. The author is the name of the object that spawned, and the map name is shown.

    Interact with a yellow flag, then a green flag and then a black flag. Reset by shooting the highest peak of the rock. Listen to the sound for a map name in Murloc’s files.

    Find something suspicious on the map, then check the ground below it. Proceed to corpse crouch 32 times in a bowl of water being held by a statue of an alien. Then find the next map author and initials in their files in the Cove.

    Interact with the RENEWING WORLDS container, then a garbage bag at the base of a tire wall, then a toolbox (shoot an elite in the face to reset). Then proceed to shoot a head poking out of the sand in the distance. Find the gamertag shown, and then find the map with the initials SR in their files.

    Shoot the blue die that is on the white die, directly on the one dot. Shoot the back-left tire of a truck on bridge and shoot a man that’s sitting in the corner, directly in the face. Search under the keyboard for a gamer tag and find letters crossed out on a board and rearrange the uncovered letters for the next map name. For the map after this, the testers say using the Alpine Rally mode was helpful and beware for three maps after this, the screen does flash.

    Interact with the terminal, using the first letter of the word that plays, figure out where to go. Get to the grunt birthday party sound. Then use the colors in alphabetical order and figure out the map name with the name of the author shown.

    Defeat the Lord. Beware, you only have 15 lives, and/or 5 minutes to do so. Then go into the files of the author shown and find the file that sounds the closest to the objects shown.

    Figure out the map author name in yellow and find the file with the initials shown. Go to the vending machines and remember the color of the cans. Return to the previous map and interact with the switches that are the colors of the cans.

    Find a way to knock down the building, then stand above the gas station pumps and shoot an “O” 68 times. Look outside the map on the ground nearby for an author name.
    The author changed their gamertag, and the author of the map you're on now never gets on. Message Murloc on ForgeHub, or on Xbox asking for the changed gamertag (sorry for the inconvenience).
    Then search their files for a map with the same name as a map that “A Squid Loaf” has named.

    Look at the Halo 5 achievement “Enemy of my Enemy,” the third word in it, interact with a secret switch on it. Then hide two boulders behind two different grunts then shoot an explosive. Follow the instructions shown on this map on the next map shown by the author shown.

    Follow the instructions shown previously (37 times) and then use the first letter of the three words for the next maps initials by the author of the current map.

    Defeat the one who freed your enemy and then arrange the different textured letters for initials of the next map by the author shown.

    Stand in the small school of fish and then shoot the sun, use the first letter of the words as initials with the map author shown.

    Damage the magenta soda can 18 times, then look for the next author name, and the initials for the next map is TLT.

    Interact with the numbers in the order of 4, 2, 1, 3, then go to bottom of ramp to find a teleporter. Interact with the fireman for the order of letters to use after the next map. Then find the next map by the author of the map you’re currently on with a map name of the name of the creature on the left, with a food you can make with the creature on the right.

    Figure out the name of the next map with what you’re given by the author shown.

    Find the letters to interact with, do them in the order you were told to do two maps ago. You can reset by sitting in a chair nearby. Find an opening near the A once completed.

    Open the map by the author shown and interact with a secret switch on the right door handle at the spawn, then complete three challenges and find the next map name and author.

    Find the hidden UG and stand where you can see it on the map for 14 seconds. Then interact with the object that costs 9 coins. Check above the blue team spawn.

    Interact with the numbered doors in the order: 5, 9, 6, 2. To reset, grab yourself a cold drink. The next map is by the previous map’s author, and the file is the word spoken after the number order.

    Find the next map using the author name shown and the initials of the next map.

    Interact with three secret switches on lights under tall poles, then stand in each tire fort for 10 seconds. Search under the bridge for the next map author as well as the initials of the map.

    Open the map, and climb the satellite towers to find a switch, once both are activated stand on the UNSC decal on the mid map pelican. Then look between 2 trees near the pelican, notice the weapons on the map that could help.

    Open up a file in Julianoz1224’s files with the initials found. “You’re being watched, shoot out their eyes! Then look to the skies"

    Open the map name that is shown by A Squid Loaf and find the weird looking sunflower with the orange fence around it and jump off the side to a secret area below. Click the switches in the order of M, G, Y, R, B. Interact with the object shown, and then stand on top of the big red key (above the A, B, C) and then shoot the number one 23 times. Proceed to stand on the rock which is on a tree stump, then look to where the AR needle is straight up. Then figure out the name of the next map found in the files of Murloc.

    Get to the W and then search between the three biggest palm trees. Then go back and search the room with the kill balls. Then find the map that would have dinosaurs on it by the name shown.

    Outer blue vending, blue mid vending, orange mid vending, outer orange vending (reset is on the two olive dinosaur statues). Stand on Timmy statue and the big rock between and near the two big dinosaurs and shoot their eyes out. Then go above the cinema for further directions.

    Open the map shown that has the most plays, then shoot the letters in the order of Shaded Clues Spartan ID, shoot the hat to reset.

    Sit on the middle red chair for 15 seconds, then take a ride around a corner to the right. Make a view of the moon and shoot the center of the circles in 25 seconds or less.

    Go to the map of the author shown that would have those creatures on it. Find them and shoot the little guy 55 times in the face, look outside for a map name.

    Load up the map name shown by an author involved with this project and shoot the full width of the 12th stair up.

    Proceed to sit on the icy chair and shoot the top of the pillars in the order of back right, front right, back left, front left (stand on the rune in the middle to reset if needed).

    Once completed, stand on the middle rune, look where the AR needle is pointing straight up, then walk off the edge. The next map name will be the location of the gamertag in blue, found in the files of the author in white.

    Find the bunker and wait for the map event to start, you will have 20 seconds to interact with a nearby beeping monitor (it will take awhile for it to happen). Figure out the number of squares (excluding the one by itself) and subtract seven from it. Find the map shown by the author shown.

    Find a way to launch a rocket, then interact with a once blue screen now green screen to hear a map name. Find the lift and raise it and stand on it, then look outside the map for an author.

    Complete the map. WARNING: you have two minutes and forty seconds to do so. Remember the pattern, then find the map and author that is shown.

    Find the correct pattern from the end of the previous map.

    Follow the instructions from the previous map, then walk off the left hand.

    Find the map shown by the author shown and strike back at the enemy who has been watching, then proceed further up the hill to strike again. Then return to the spawn area and interact with the warning sign for a sound (starting letters are the name of the next map), look outside the spawn for the map author.

    Complete the map, then go to the authors files (green letters) and find the file that has none of the letters in red in the tags.

    With the author shown, look in their files and find the map with the clues shown.

    Slowly approach your new “King” and kneel. In the files of the author shown, load up the Classic map.

    Shoot the base of trees in the following order: L2, R1, L1, R2 (crouch on the starting platform to reset). Find the name of the author to the left of the spawn. Crouch on the starting platform for the initials of the next map (Ignore the U, B and the A).

    Make seven sacrifices to the falling lava. Once completed look at a blue warning screen for a map name with the author shown in the intro camera.

    Get to the end, you only have 40 seconds to do so! Figure out which head to interact with, the others will result in the game ending. Use the following, “You there, this is the swamp of the Purged, only the dead may enter! Be Gone!”

    Figure out the next map name in the files of the author shown by using the above phrase and the punctuation within.

    Find the switches above the cinema stairs on the UNSC poster, on the tram route map, plaza diamond, plaza CLOTHING STORE sign, café TAKE OUT sign below the food court sign, the FARMABOA sign from the street light near the cinema loft, the destroyed blue spartan poster in bottom mid, the star art on Yellow Pipes, and a poster of a lady near Eastgate. Then search above the bridge for a hidden map name and nearby for a map author.

    Make sure to use an announcer that everyone has. Then find the map name that the announcer announces at the end by the author of the map you’re currently on.

    Open the map that has what’s in front of the spawn on it and shoot the letters in the order of the secret letters found throughout (crouch to reset). Then proceed to walk off the left side. Go to the map name shown by the author shown.

    Overcome fear, you have 25 lives to do so. Then go to the map name shown via text, by the initials of the author up high. WARNING: Difficult

    Once you get this far, you did it, you finished. If you want the pack, assuming they’re still available, take a screenshot of the W and send it to Murloc saying how many UNIQUE maps you were on during the journey. If all the packs are gone, and you want your name on the leaderboard on this page, let me know in the message as well. Good job for completing!


    1. A Silent Hyena

    2. Sword of Malnok

    3. Grimmond

    4. Jeffrey P Long

    5. Asinine Defiler and Bul1etCatcher


    Completed, but not rewarded:

    1. Comedy Aerosol

    2. A Squid Load and Julianoz1124

    3. JJEFFtheKiller0

Recent Reviews

  1. Julianoz1224 Julianoz1224
    A special thanks to those who helped test this, god rest their souls, for they would be happy to see their sacrifice was not in vain.

    Playing this was a thrilling experience and I will always look back at those 4 months of my life fondly.

    Good luck to those who try to earn the Platinum Packs!


  1. Lost Pinecone

    Lost Pinecone Spartan II
    Forge Critic

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    Pro tip: Use the Alpine Rally (Race) gametype for all maps
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  2. D4rk

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    Holy crap! This is intriguing.
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  3. GrayishPoppy210

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    When you were making this did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, you were going a little too far...
    This is insane
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  4. munk07

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    Man. I just put in my 2 weeks at work to commit to this.Hopefully I can win a pack to pay for my rent.
  5. HydroTurkey

    HydroTurkey Marine

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    I think this is the first project I’ve co-forged if you ignore NoTM’s aethstetics, but that hardly counts as I did 90% of the popular gamemode.

    Granted, I don’t remember actually working on this at all

    EDIT: For the uninitiated, Julianoz1224 did 90% of NoTM, and I did work on a map extensively.

    EDIT EDIT: Or did Julianoz1224 work on NoTM at all? Did I really work extensively on this map? Is free will real or is it just an illusion?
    #6 HydroTurkey, May 21, 2019
    Last edited: May 21, 2019
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  6. Julianoz1224

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    Can't wait to watch iSpiteful's playthrough of this!
  7. CertifiedChamp

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    that guy is dog
  8. purely fat

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  9. WAR

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    This map has more co-forgers than 'High Ground' and 'Viking' combined! :0
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  10. CaptainDireWolf

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    "Some men just want to watch the world burn..."

    This is insane. Also put up more screenshots of the map. People need to see what they're getting into.
  11. Mags

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    played the same map ten times in a row because I didn't read a line under a step lol.
    It was pretty drawed out.
    #12 Mags, May 22, 2019
    Last edited: May 22, 2019
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  12. Murloc

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    Trust me, I did. However that did not seem to stop me.

    Decided to try something different for sure.

    Don't worry, I got you, however, this barely scratches the surface I'm afraid.
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  13. Luculent

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    Well. This is going to take a while. I have time though.
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    For the record that’s my Goomba. ☺️
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