The Ark

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. The Fated Fire
    The Ark is an original asymmetrical small-scale competitive map designed for Team Slayer and 1-Site Extraction at the tournament level. Ark features hand built rock terrain and several landmarks for quick map orientation and enemy movement callouts. Mastering movement on Ark takes several games in order to learn how to avoid death pits and steer clear (or dominate) the dangerous cross map lines of sight. Gameplay is very fast paced and spawning is predictable. The optimal experience on Ark is 2v2 and 4v4 competitive play.<br /><br />The professional European competitive Halo community is using The Ark as an Oddball gametype for the upcoming Halo 4 European Winter Championships at i50. Ark was also recently implemented into Halo 4 matchmaking for Team Snipers.<br /><br />It is extremely difficult to give shoutouts to specific people for this map as so many forgers and competitive players have had input that led to the map's final build. I'd like to thank all the forgers in my circle of trust (you know who you are), Ghostayame, Pistola, Reign Revolution, THFE, my fellow Community Cartographers, and all of the American and European professional players who streamed testing on the Ark and got the map to where it is today.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Psychoduck Psychoduck
    The Ark is a map which I need to play more. After playing several times, I'm still learning new things about the map.

    The Ark is special because it creates an excellent competitive arena map experience, but still manages to feel unique and interesting (too many arena maps are merely old dogs that have learned a few new tricks). The asymmetrical qualities and thematic aesthetics of the map really help to set it apart, but the underlying design is excellent to begin with.

    Good work, Fated. Thanks for finally posting this over at HaloCustoms!
  2. Great Mist Great Mist
    When I played this it seemed weird and eventually I got a hold of the pits of death and other obstacles. There's a reason I didnt rate this is a 5 and here's why

    A. Many spawns were instantly dominated if predicted correctly which wasnt too hard
    B. The beginning Spawns that started opposites of the bridge were a blood bath So players trying to go around were shot down easily
    C. There wasnt much cover and the little there was still made you feel exposed

    I know this may seem harsh but I do not know how else to do these kinda things though I do not know how the updated version will be maybe these problems are going to be fixed Idk but anyways Keep on Forgin :D
  3. WAR WAR
    Fast paced and keeps you actively engaged on positioning and spawning throughout the match. Never a dull moment on Arkanado. 2 thumbs up!
  4. Zandril Zandril
    The Ark is an excellent map. It stands out aesthetically because of its theme and non-forgy appearance. Looks like a developer map and plays better or just as well as one.

    The gameplay is great as it offers diversity and rewards smart, strategic gameplay.

    Truly a must-download.

    Also, meta. ;)


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