Terra Firma

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Squally DaBeanz
    Terra Firma

    By Squally DaBeanz

    "This facility acts as the control center for the vast mining operation of the asteroid it is embedded in."

    Note: This map received minimal playtesting.

    Terra Firma is a medium sized asymmetrical 4v4 map. It consists of a large interior facility connected to an external asteroid "cave," with various connections between the two. The idea was to build upon what I call the "High Ground effect," where the focus of the map is to attack and control a large base that is impossible to fully lock down at any given moment. This is due to both the size and the fact that there are always more entrances than there are players to defend them.

    The main facility is divided into several room of varying size, including a hangar looking out into space, a curved back corridor, a small mezzanine looking over a central junction point, and a small basement area. The exterior of the map is divided into a small segmented cave system, an open hilly area, and a large tower hanging over a chasm between them.

    Red team starts in the far back of the facility, while Blue team starts in the segmented cave area with a Ghost at their disposal. Red team has quick access to control points inside the facility, but Blue Team can quickly surround and attack the base from various entry points.

    Some of the main entry points are the two large doors near the back of the facility, near Red spawn, and the exposed catwalk connecting the base to the tower outside. There is also the open hangar door, where both infantry and the Ghost can make a one way jump into from the small elevated perch near Blue spawn.


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