Terminal 7

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Diego Eternal
    Terminal 7
    During the Covenant invasion of New Mombasa in 2552, terminal yards served as ideal strongholds for the UNSC. With little time to set up a defensive strike against the invasion, many of the tram lines remained online until the slipspace event caused much of the city to be destroyed. Due to the increase in plasma activity, the trams became highly ionized and were known to vaporize organic matter in its path. The dozens of casualties as a result of these trams during the battle earned them the nickname “The Blam! Trams” amongst the marines.

    Map Overview

    Relive this classic map from Halo 2, in the prime of the Human/Covenant conflict, when we played as elites and the dual wielding was good [pours one out] Built to feel comfortable with H5 movement mechanics but plays as good as the real thing.

    The Blam! Trams

    Don’t get too close, the blam tram shows no mercy, Spartan.

    The Snipers

    Get your hands on a sniper or get the blam to cover. Each Base is in arms reach of one, right where sweet baby Bungie left them.

    The Highground

    It’s over Anakin! Wait, erm, wrong franchise... though, the floor may as well be lava. You’ll want to get yourself nice and high to leverage that sniper you grabbed on spawn.

    The Terminal

    Ooo, didn’t look when you crossed the tracks? The balls.

    The Whips

    Terminal 7 is equipped with the weird Halo 5 variants of the original map, gauss and all.

    Note from the maker...
    Putting on the polish to this Terminal Remake. Any feedback would be awesome. Need advice on getting all game variations to work with the map and cameras. Please try to break out or just break the map in general so I can fix it up


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