4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Valojiztov
    These ruins were discovered on a rogue asteroid. Where it originally belonged to remains a mystery. There are suspicions that these are the remains of a planet destroyed in the ancient Human-Forerunner war. Some of the forerunner tech remains functional and has caught the attention of many scientists. The UNSC have set up here to study the location.

    An asymmetrical slayer map. This is sort of a remake of an old map I'd made in Halo 4. This version expands upon the original by adding more weapons and a lot more structure.


    1x Fuel Rod
    1x Sentinel Beam
    1x Sniper Rifle
    2x Shotguns
    4x Carbines
    6x Battle Rifles
    2x Plasma Rifles
    2x Brute Plasma Rifles
    2x Silenced SMGs
    1x 30 cal Turret

    Update 5/27/18:
    Added much needed cover to middle area.

Recent Reviews

  1. Erk Erk
    A visually excellent map, with potential for fun ranged battles. Middle looks like a deathtrap, even if you don't fall in the pit :P.


  1. Erk

    Erk Spartan II

    Likes Received:
    This looks to be a really solid map with a very cohesive style. You really get a great sense of a unique setting just from your pictures/video which a lot of maps fail to do for me. I would be a little worried the middle is too open and won't see much use but that's just based off the pictures and may not severely impact your intended gametypes.

    Overall very impressive. :)

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