Target Derby

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  1. Kenjamin1 MI
    Target Derby

    Canvas: Tidal

    USE Gametype: ‘Target Derby’
    *(Alpine Rally) Race – Gungoose with Damage ON.
    *For up to 16 Drivers (FFA).
    *Scoring is by checkpoints, first driver to 45 Wins!
    *Targets trigger hazards and obstacles.

    Target Derby is a Terrain Race Map, with the added feature of Targets to trigger Hazards and Obstacles. Hazards may delay drivers behind you. Things may pop up from the road to block drivers, Things may throw drivers off the track, A mine field might appear from nowhere. Have fun with friends. Up to 16 Drivers.

    *Shoot the Target at the start/finish line to cycle various map hazards to their 'ready' state. (Clears track of all obstructions).
    *Shoot this target again as you complete each lap to reactivate the starting ramp and mine field on the far side straightaway. (Useful if you have fallen behind).
    *Once a target is hit (a tone will sound) drivers have 2-3 seconds to get past triggered hazard area. Keep Moving!
    *You can race Warthogs too. Follow the first TIP, above.
    *[update: use Chain gun/Rocket/Gauss to use target hazards. If you are quick at changing seats].

    *I was compelled to FORGE. It had been too long.
    Forge makes me happy.
    I hope you can race or look at this map, Thanks, - JAMN
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    This looks awesome!!!
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