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4v4 Custom

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  1. ExTerrestr1al

    **Attention** Must bookmark maps AND gametype to get functionality, as this is a game-mode scripted from scratch.


    (for placing on your own maps!)

    Like tea? Like it a lot? Well, then this is the game-type for you! For both casual and competitive enjoyment, this mode blends a nice mix of Slayer and KOTH gameplay into a fresh, new mode for Halo 5 custom games!

    **Red v Blue only**

    How does it work? (basics)
    1. Kill an enemy
    2. small hill-zone drops onto player's body and changes color to indicate which team can score there. (actually, at server-body location, which may vary from what you perceive as body location, slightly)
    3. Press 'Crouch' button in the hill to score up to five times, with a small (1.5sec) cool-down between points.
    4. Zone resets after 20sec, so battle for the ability to keep scoring or suppress an enemy from scoring on and disrespecting one of your teammates!
    5. Score to win can be changed by the host, but defaults to 100.


    Maps (so far, will list others as they become available)

    More details to follow...
    *Note* A player can only have one bagging zone assigned to them, so they will not receive a second zone until all of their bodies have been incinerated or despawned.

Recent Reviews

  1. b0b is here b0b is here
    Great! Now we've got even more reasons to sweat , bag, and get bagged. Super Like Swipe right on them cheeks.


  1. ArturBloodshot

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    It's been an eternity since I read about this gametype prototype in the Script Guilders forum... Looks so fun!!
  2. ExTerrestr1al

    ExTerrestr1al Legendary
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    I know, right? It was an annoying fact, that the mode ended up being a LOT harder to build than originally thought. That, H5 itself presents some really strange rules you have to follow or work-around, that I had not had to deal with before (some were new to all of us).

    thanks for the interest!

    @all, I will be encouraging others to place a prefab onto their maps soon, and possibly holding a contest of sorts (non-monetary and the only prize is that they will be put into a Youtube video and posted here on this page as part of a map-pack, if I feel they are good enough)

    It's a really thing to place on your map -- you just need to have at least 64 objects available in your budget, and room for scripts, fx...
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  3. ExTerrestr1al

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