Tag 'N Bag (gametype prefab)

Map Description

  1. ExTerrestr1al

    (Supports up to 4v4)

    Here is the prefab for the mode described in the following Map-pack thread. I have finally gotten around to releasing it, after a few bits of polish have been added.

    <Map-pack page with Gametype info>

    Installation: This is very simple.
    • Place entire prefab centrally, either above or below the playable area of your map (not too far away for best experience)
    • Ungroup
    • If prefab is in visible area, hide fire fx pieces inside nearby architecture.
    • Take all six (6) of the team-spawn zones within the prefab and extend them across your whole map, so that no one other than Red/Blue map spawn in this gametype. (will only affect this "mini-game" type, and not your other modes' spawns.)
    • Optional - take the Hinge piece and place it in locations where players could intentionally jump off the map, so that they get -2 pts when they do so. Make multiple copies if needed (no changes needed) Shape the boundaries of these pieces so that they cover the affected area.
    • Done!
    If you desire to test while in Forge, create a button that sends msg Alpha, otherwise, this will work once you go into Customs!


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