Table Jumping

8v8 Custom

Map Description

  1. Maze Reclaimer
    A customised Super Fiesta Strongholds.
    400 points.
    2 rounds to win.
    9 rounds max.
    1 point per second.
    5 Strongholds.
    Up to 4 teams. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green.

    Experience Halo 5s entire campaign by jumping table top to table top.

    Play with game mode of same name ‘Table Jumping’.

    Red team initial spawn at Relic, Sanghelli Table.
    Blue team initial spawn at Plasma Base, Covenant Table.
    Yellow team initial spawn at Truck, Meridian Table.
    Green team initial spawn at Delta, UNSC Table.
    Neutral team initial spawn at Moon Deck, Genesis Table.

    Teams can spawn on any table.
    Teams have high chance to spawn on their initial spawn table.
    Teams have higher chance to spawn on tables captured.

    You can find ‘Table Jumping’ Map and Gametype in my files or bookmarks.
    (Note: I would have linked the Gametype ‘Table Jumping’ but on Halo Waypoint I cannot find it in my Game Variants, only on Xbox. I’ve tried remaking the gametype, etc, but no, don’t work.)

Recent Reviews

  1. ZombieDyer ZombieDyer
    Genuinely fun map. I wouldn't say its exactly competitive or complex in nature, more just dumb-fun. The aesthetics are on point and I really hope these are all original (no prefabs). I imagine the charm will dull over time but its refreshing to see another dumb-fun minigame in the later stages of H5 that I would actually recommend. I wish the platforms were a tad bigger but over all, its pretty solid. 6.8/10


  1. ZombieDyer

    ZombieDyer Spartan III

    Likes Received:
    On waypoint, did you try search your files by "last modified"?

    II SEGA USA II Spartan I

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    Looks cool, nice concept.

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