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    sXe is one of the many symbols used to represent Straight Edge which as most of you know I am. I have been wanting to do some maps on my values since Halo 4, but I guess it doesn't hurt to start in Halo 2 Anniversary. Every human being has a code and this is part of mine. So before I get into the map, let me start off with what Straight Edge actually is since so many people these days are oblivious to the Straight Edge subculture.
    • The term Straight Edge was adapted from the Minor Threat song "Straight Edge" in the early 1980's.
    • Those who are Straight Edge refrain from alcohol, tobacco products, and drugs. Some refrain from more...
    • The X symbol that is commonly associated with Straight Edge arrived from the band "To Kill" after they were marked with a black X on both hands at the "San Francisco's Mabuhay Gardens" indicating to employees that they were all under the legal age for alcohol.
    • National Edge Day is October 17th since the year 1999.
    • Here is a list of some famous people that follow the Straight Edge lifestyle: sXe list ""
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