Swamp Thing

8v8 Slayer

Map Description

  1. HerrMittmann
    This map is also a little older and some might remember it from Forged Friday.

    Swamp Thing is (as the name suggests) a swamp-themed map. I wanted to create something more controversial on this one. So I set up a fog that's really thick and not just a small piece of decoration. This might not feel very lovable, but in my opinion it's a great new challenge. There won't be that much long-range BR battles and you have to focus more on your HUD/radar.

    There are some emessive and colored lines on the ground to help you a little while navigating around.

    Over all this is a symmetrical BTB map with two bases to the left and to the right - each equipped with a Wasp. In the middle there is a crashed Pelican and also a "Helipad" with a Mantis.

    I was trying to give the Wasp a cool animation when it spawns (video). Back then the scripting was a little broken. I guess today I could make it work. Perhaps when I have the time to revisit the map...

    Overall even though the gameplay might be controversial, I really like the atmosphere on this map. For example when you only see the red light on the Mantis glowing in the distance, coming closer to you...
    An atmosphere like this should be perfect for Infection. Especially because of all the water - you can hardly see the Infected, but you can hear it.

    Note: You can play this map with AR + Mag loadouts, if you want to. There should be enough BRs to pick up.
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