Survive The Invasion


Map Description

    Survive The Covenant and The Flood!!

    This map takes place right after you drop pod from In Amber Clad onto Delta Halo. It's a multi-objective linear infection that combines the Halo 2 campaign mission 'Delta Halo' & the Halo 2 multiplayer map 'Warlock.'

    Phase 1: Drop down via drop pod and secure the 1st Covenant base on the Halo ring (Strongholds). Once successful a Pelican equipment drop will provide you with weapons and a Gauss Hog.

    Phase 2: Proceed to the 2nd base and clear out the Covenant and destroy their Phantoms so they can't respawn. Once cleared activate the bridge to get across to the other side of the mountain.

    Phase 3: The bridge is jammed so you must build it manually, a second Pelican support drop will provide more equipment and a tank. Build the bridge and defend it.

    Phase 4: Once the bridge is built enter the cavern that the Covenant were guarding. The Flood are the next set of foe that attacks. You must capture and hold the temple skull for 1 minute (oddball). Phase 5: A Pelican extraction comes to pick you up and you win.
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