Supply Chain

2v2 Slayer

Map Description

  1. The Aclopolipse
    Supply Chain is a 3-leveled, fairly open interior space with a strong focus on sightlines and risk/reward positioning.

    The catwalks that make up the map's top level offer few weapons and even less cover, but allow quick transition between the map's two symmetrical sides and an opportunity for sick ground pound kills. The bottom floor houses a neutral overshield above a death pit as well as dual lightrifles. The second floor enjoys long sightlines and modest cover with a couple of battle rifles for company, and the transition between the first and second floor houses the map's only corridor sections.

    The map's focus on precision-weapon gunfights provides a great space to practice your shooting in a variety of distance and height situations.

    The map differs slightly in Slayer and Objective games, featuring more defined "base" areas for objective items that are normally blocked off in Slayer.


  1. The Aclopolipse

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