Super Halo 64


Map Description

  1. Havok Brah
    I've been playing a lot of Banjo Kazooie and Legend of Zelda and I got inspired to build this. The goal is to reach the Cortana orb at the end, however there are several obstacles/objectives to conquer first. The idea was to make it fun yet still competitive, plenty of cover throughout the map. No more waiting for doors to activate, now there are objectives. Weapons get heavier as you progress, Just like Escapade. The terrain and design changes as well with each room, presenting you with many challenges challenge of skill and wit.

    Level 1; Jump up the wooden posts to reach the big golden key floating at the top. But be careful! If you fall, you're in a prime location for the zombies to strike. You can also setup around the room and cover your team mates that have their halo jumps down better than you do.

    Level 2; Use the big spinning switch to open the main door. But now there's nowhere to go! There's a hidden switch in the water guarded by a giant crab. Dodge his attacks, jump on his head and press the switch to activate the lift above at the main door.

    Level 3; A giant spinning fan with 2 targets appear above a pyramid. Shoot them to get inside. Get passed the final fiery circle of doom to activate the final switch, and retrieve Cortana.

    *Game Mode: SUPER HALO 64*
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