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  1. FRED lllll
    ----------------------- MAP FILE LOST TO TIME, I APOLOGIZE -----------------
    Welcome to my latest creation!! Sunken!
    This is a style of map I have tried a multitude of times. This is technically trial number 5.

    I began with Desolate. A large map with a castle on one side and an expansive swamp on the other shrouded in a dense fog. This maps gameplay was not the greatest. If anything, this map should be commended for its demonstration of natural terrain and trees in sheer quantity while avoiding framerate for the most part.

    Following this map, I began three different attempts at Forsaken. Which expanded the castle in each version but still lacked. The first two versions went unreleased and the final version (Trial 3) did reach a release and was fun to play on. However, it left a sower taste for having SOOOOOO many frame rate issues and a capped out budget.

    Now we have reached my 5th attempt... Sunken. This map is notably small to preserve frame rate and be fast paced. however, this is not a bad thing. The gameplay is fast and intense and focuses around the swamp and castle with a roughly 60-40 split on the map. the swamp takes up far more of the map but the castle is where the gameplay isolates. This is because the map makes players feel unsafe in the swamp while experienced players venture into the swamp to survive the onslaught. This map lacks the frame rate of Forsaken and the poor gameplay of Desolate.

    Weapons on the map
    Gunfighter Magnum = 2
    Frag = 1
    Assault Rifle (Silenced) = 1
    Shotgun = 1
    SMG (Projection) = 1
    Railgun = 1
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    I hope you all enjoy! Leave Feedback and reviews below and have a nice day.
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